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  1. I want to move canada. I am skilled worker from qatar. I from Pakistan living in qatar since 12 years. Kindly any bodies help me.

    1. Hi,
      Moving from Qatar to Canada as a skilled requires a comprehensive understanding of Canada’s immigration system. As a first step, explore the Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Programs, considering factors such as age, education, and work experience. Assess your eligibility based on the Comprehensive Ranking System, and stay informed about updates in immigration policies. Suppose you don’t qualify for the Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program streams. In that case, the last resort might be a work permit, but be cautious as it involves significant risks, including financial implications and potential fraud. Please note that this website is solely for informational purposes, and we do not endorse or advertise any specific immigration consultant. It is advisable to gather information online independently and proceed with utmost caution in your immigration journey. Good luck with your Canadian immigration endeavour!

    2. Hello! In the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the requirement for a job offer varies among provinces. While some provinces award points for a job offer, not all PNPs require one for eligibility. Each province has its specific criteria, and some may prioritize factors like education, work experience, or language proficiency. Researching the specific PNP you’re interested in is crucial, as eligibility criteria can differ. Some PNPs offer pathways for individuals without a job offer, emphasizing other aspects of your profile. Therefore, explore the PNP streams of the province you intend to apply to to better understand their specific requirements.

  2. Hi. I am pretty new to Canadian immigration options and getting information if I am eligible for Canada. So my question is, does PNP need a job offer to claim points?

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